Sustainability at Mainsgill

Sustainability at Mainsgill is a key factor for us to help benefit for the future. We currently help improve the environment in several ways, however we are forever looking at new ways to increase the sustainability of the business. ​

Zero food miles cereals to folk

One thing we pride ourselves here at Mainsgill is the sustainability of all our home-reared beef, pork and lamb. Due to using our own produce we provide zero food miles. However we can now go one step further after renting further land we now grow all our own cereals. We feed our own grain to the livestock and grow all our own straw for bedding this reduces imports and therefore emissions and carbon.

Enabling us to provide Zero food miles and full traceability.

Solar Panels

On the two storey extension in 2020 we added solar panels to the roof. This helps to generate some of the electricity for the shop. Over time we aim to increase the number of solar panels we have across the whole business in order to reduce the electricity provided from the national grid.

Renewable heating

For many years here at Mainsgill all our heating and hot water is provided by an approved biomass boiler. Replacing oil and electric heating systems helps to reduce the carbon dioxide output.

Trees, Hedges & Flowers

We have significantly increased the number of hedges at Mainsgill and across the farm. Planting over 4,500 hedges in 2022 alone.

We have also planted many established trees and areas of wildflowers at Mainsgill and across the arable fields on the Farm.

We love wildlife and nature here at Mainsgill and all of these provide great natural habitats for our wildlife including birds and bees.


Also here at Mainsgill we get involved within the community this includes links with the local school to assist them with undertaking forest schools. Along with talks and demonstrations to local organisations including schools and youth groups. Jack also has his Youtube channel in which he tries to educate the public about farming.

Recycled packaging​

Where possible we provide recycled packaging across the shop.