We have three adult donkeys here at Mainsgill. Meet the donkeys in detail below and pop along to Mainsgill to meet them in person.

A few fun facts about donkeys.

- Donkey ears are built-in fans, the large ears of a donkey help keep them cool.

- They don’t like getting soggy. One thing that donkeys hate is the rain. This could be because their coat is not waterproof.

- They have radar hearing, from 60 miles away donkeys can hear another donkey, due to the sounds they make being picked up by their large ears.

- Donkeys can over-graze. Overeating is a real threat to the health of many donkeys, as they are grazing animals.


Our latest female donkey born and bred here at Mainsgill in March 2023. Pebbles had a bit of a rough start but was expertly treated by Swale Veterinary Surgery meaning she is doing well and is now hand reared.

Pebbles parents also live here at Mainsgill. Her mother is Fern our coloured Jenny and her Father is Bracken the longest resident here at Mainsgill.


The cheekiest chappy here at Mainsgill. Bracken is the oldest resident and a true member of the family.

Bracken is 24 years old and is doing really well. Father to all the foals born here at Mainsgill.

Bracken loves a treat and usually likes to pinch a bit of ice cream if it is in reach.


Fern one of our female donkeys joined Mainsgill in 2018.

Since arriving here at Mainsgill she has since had two foals. Both foals had to be hand reared due to no fault of her own however the milk she produces isn't good enough for the foals.

Donk in 2021 who now lives with Karl one of our farm workers.

Pebbles is doing well and currently lives next door to her mum so they can see each other all the time.


Frank was born and bred at Mainsgill in September 2019. Frank currently isn't a resident at Mainsgill and is actually cared for at the other Farm by Jack and Claire.

Frank was the foul of Rosie and Bracken. And has grown quite a bit looking just like his dad and just as cheeky.

Frank makes the best guard donkey ever!!!


Rosie one of our female donkeys joined Mainsgill in 2018.

Since arriving here at Mainsgill she has since had one foal Frank.

Rosie is a quiet and friendly donkey.

Rosie is expecting her second foal here at Mainsgill. By the looks of that tummy it might be a big one.