Doris, Delilah and Granville are our resident Bactrian camels (two hump camels). They are in our front field adjacent to the A66. Make sure to go say hello as they love the attention!

Also known as the farmshop with Camels.

Fun Facts about bactrian camels

  • Bactrian camels rarely move fast but speeds of up to 40 mph (65 km/hr) have been documented.
  • The body mass of Bactrian camels ranges between 661.3-1521.2 lb (300-690 kg), almost the same as that of a dromedary.
  • A baby Bactrian camel is called a calf.
  • Only the wild species of the Bactrian camel is critically endangered due to extensive poaching and their numbers are fast declining.
  • Bactrian camels have an exceptional sense of sight and smell. They communicate through pheromones (chemicals affecting animal behavior) and vocal signals such as groans, high-pitched squeaks, and deep moans.

Camels like to have fun