Mainsgill Farm Tea Room and Farm Shop



Love Lamb Week is here!

It's always a good time to boast about high quality British lamb, and celebrate the support to the farming community. Our lamb is not only local, it's Mainsgill.

Traditionally home-reared here on the farm, our lamb grazes on the lush pastures of the Holmedale Valley here in North Yorkshire. Our lamb is raised by the Henshaw family and their experienced farming team to the highest standards. Our lambs are Texel X Charolais; the Texel breed lending to a meaty carcass, while the Charolais breed lending to the sweetness taste of lamb. Attention to detail is key to exquisite carcass quality; from buying the top quality breeding ewes at the local auction marts, to their diet and welfare.

Our lamb is exceptional in comparison to some supermarket alternatives in many ways; our lamb is hung naturally to allow the succulent flavours and tenderness to develop, whereas supermarkets may 'wet-age' their meat - vac packing and allowing the meat to mature within the packaging. Not only is our lamb hung, it is prepared by the experienced onsite butchery team who are experts at preparing the perfect joints for roast dinners, to preparing quick-simple cuts for mid week dinners.

Offering a shop-window direct to our farm, our lamb is showcased in our granary food hall. We are proud that our lamb has minimal food miles, has exquisite taste and texture, and is local as local gets. When you buy our lamb, you are buying from the very same farmers to have raised and produced it.